Saturday, April 30, 2011

10 reasons for wearing a nametag in church

* #10 A name tag is cheaper than a tattoo.
* #9 Wearing a name tag makes for a friendlier church.
* #8 You will be more approachable it you wear a name tag.
* #7 Even if you forget a name, you can still read it!
* #6 A name tag makes it easier to introduce you to someone.
* #5 A name tag makes visitors feel comfortable.
* #4 You can make a friend in less than 30 seconds if you wear a name tag.
* #3 You are immediately identified as an ambassador of our church. Friendly always wins.
* #2 Name tags are NOT about you. They’re about everyone in the world except you.
* #1 Everyone likes to hear their name!

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