Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Perichoresis is the Divine Dance

Peri - around Chorea - dance, cf Choreography Perichorea - To dance around... (Mat. 11:17;Luk. 7:32) Perichoresis is the Divine Dance. The Divine Dance of the persons of the Trinity. In the beginning was the Dance, and the Dance was in God, and the Dance was God... An eternal Dance; the three persons of the Godhead dancing eternally, in an embrace of love, mutually giving and receiving. Always dancing. In the beginning God created a Dancing partner... The world was created in its own dance, and invited to join the Dance. But the lead dancers said No! and started their own dance. The hands of God are extended to restore the Dance, and inviting us to Dance: The Son, and the Spirit, the two hands of God. The Dance for us has a beginning, and an end, and they are not the same. The beginning starts with anticipation, expectation, and desire; the end concludes with satisfaction, completion, and rest - until the next Dance. We look upon the Dance of God, as he ever circles about us. We try to understand. We so often fail. The Dance goes on, and the part we have in the Dance goes on, though we are not Dancing, only dancing, yet that dancing seems to be incorprated despite our best efforts. We look, and the Dance seems to change, to reverse, to go back on itself - it repented the Lord that... - and then the Dance goes on, seeking it's goal, never seeking return to the starting point - I the Lord change not. This is the nature of Dance: round and round you go, sometimes to and sometimes fro, but the Dance goes on. And us? Some of us sit as wallflowers. We won't dance under any circumstances. Some of us are dancing around our handbags in our own dance, while the Dance wheels about us. We dance on our own. But dances are communal, not individual, everyone knows that. Dances are free, though structured: God's Line Dancing. Will you join the Dance? God's two hands, The Son and Spirit, await you, pull you, invite you, to take you into the Dance, to wheel you about, make you dizzy at times, exhilerated at times, exhausted at times, fearful at times. But it is The Dance. I am the Lord of the Dance said he... A few thoughts on reading Colin Gunton's The Promise of Trinitarian Theology. ==================== 「探戈」是一種講求韻律節拍,並且舞者的腳步必須相互協調的舞蹈。 親子、朋友、同窗、上下之間,何嘗不是要用跳探戈的方式彼此相處,有進有退,才能恰到好處。 總而言之,人我相處之道就是要彼此跳探戈。

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